Why he doesn’t want other women & how to KEEP it that way

One of the best things about having a cuckold husband is that you don’t have to worry about him cheating on you. Isn’t it ironic? Everything you do and everything he wants is about you cheating on him. But he won’t cheat on you.

You don’t have the same worries most wives have. He may look. Being a cuckold doesn’t turn off his eye for an attractive woman. But he won’t touch. She may turn his head but she won’t turn him on.

Only you can do that, because only you know what really turns him on. You know how to get to him. She doesn’t. Deep down he knows that. He may like looking at her but he knows that there is only one woman for him. You control him, and he knows it.

Use that knowledge.

You already feel more confident knowing that other men find you attractive. You can feel even more confident knowing that you marriage is more secure with you in control.

There is one caveat. This works only if he stays satisfied. Cuckold husbands are men and all men need sex. If they don’t get sex they become frustrated. If they become frustrated they will seek other outlets, which could be another woman. There is no reason for that to ever happen if you have a cuckold husband. If it does happen then you will have nobody to blame but yourself. Keeping him happy is easy once you learn how.

Most couples argue about sex. It’s either the type of sex or the frequency. If you and your husband live the HW-cuckold life then you already enjoy the same type of sex. That means the biggest thing to worry about is the frequency - How often you want it and how often he needs it.

This can be more complicated than most couples because there is another man (or men) involved. You may be getting part (or all) of your sexual satisfaction with others. The irony is that knowing others are satisfying you arouses your husband even more, increasing his frustrations. The times when you are best satisfied (after sex with another) are the same times when his arousal reaches its highest levels. You may be tempted to ignore his needs at times like this. Doing so is selfish. Leaving him unsatisfied can be painfully frustrating for him.

This is why you need to learn and understand your husband. Cuckold husbands thrive in the space between arousal and release. They like to be teased then pleased. Taking him back and forth from one to the other is the game you need to learn to keep him satisfied.

Finding that balance is one of the secrets to being a Hotwife. Arouse him enough and he will agree to let you do anything (and anyone) you want, but it works only if you play it (and him) just right.

It’s important to know his needs, including sexual release. Every man is different. Some can go days or weeks between releases. Others need it several times a day. You want to figure out how often that is, and then give it to him but not quite. Not quite? That’s right. If he needs it 5 times a day. You give it to him 3 times a day. If he needs it once a week you give it to him once every 10 days. You get the picture? You want him aroused for you at all times but not TOO much.

Remember that this is dependent on many other things. If you tease him (which you should) then he will need it more. If you are seeing someone regularly, he will need it more. He will need it more often around your date nights. The more active you are, the more he will need it.

Sometimes this means being sexual with him at a time when you may not feel like it. You may be satisfied from an earlier date and your sexual needs may be low. Or you may want to abstain from sex for a future date you have planned with someone else. Or you just may not be that horny for any reason. This is where you must (read this – MUST) put aside what you want and instead be sensitive to what he needs.

If you keep him in the aroused state too long, without a timely release, he will get frustrated and it will affect your relationship. This is mistake that a smart Hotwife will avoid (actually ANY wife should avoid it).

If he becomes too frustrated he will Regret, Resist and Resent.

He will regret being in the lifestyle and being a cuckold husband.
He will resist your attempts to control him.
He will resent you for not allowing him release (while getting yours).

Learn your husband and his needs. Never let it reach that point. If you find that balance between teasing arousal and explosive release that he needs, then he will always be putty in your hands. He will love you more than ever and he will never stray.

So he needs release. What does that mean? NOT what you probably think. In fact his release can be another form of teasing! His sexual release need not be the same as yours. There is only one thing that must happen – his ejaculation. The manner of his ejaculation is less important, but his ejaculation must be associated with you.

You don’t need to fuck if you don’t feel like it. In fact if you fucked someone recently, or will be fucking someone else soon, then you may not want that at all. Not only is that acceptable, you can use that to tease him during his ejaculation, making sure to remind him that someone has, or will be, inside your pussy. Tease him with that. He will love it and his release will be more powerful.

You can always use your mouth or give him a handjob. You can even have him masturbate for you, while you tease him. I like to talk to my husband about particularly memorable experiences in the past, or tell him about someone I met that I liked and how I have thought about trying to fuck them.

You can use nothing but your nude body to give him his release. I’ve made my husband jerk off while I lay before him with my legs spread and let him look at my pussy. I like to tell him about other men who’ve had their cocks in me. Remember, Cuckold men often objectify your pussy. It’s central to what you “do” with other men and it’s the “prize” you give away.

Use that to control him. Focus on your pussy. He does!

Giving him releases need not take long. Unless I’m in the mood for lengthy lovemaking or I need him to fuck me (which I still do) then I can get him off in just 10 or 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s less. Afterward he becomes calmer and more loving, and then we start the whole teasing circle again.

I see this as a small price to pay to keep our marriage happy and to insure that I get to keep fucking other men. As long as he stays satisfied I know I’m free to come and go (and go and cum) whenever I want, and will be coming home to a loving, giving and faithful husband.

What more could a woman ask for?