Are all the online assholes obsessed with assholes?

I know guys love anal sex. I'm been through my 30's. I know all the games, kinks, obsessions, fantasies and fetishes guys have.

I've heard them all. I've done a lot of them.

But WTF is the obsession with my asshole?????

To be fair it's not ALL guys. It's usually the online assholes. You know the ones. The guy who responds to one of your ads with a pic of (supposedly) his dick and one-sentence email: 'I'm a hot guy. I love pussy. Do you do anal?' I omitted all the grammatical errors so the literate among us can decipher it. But you get the point.

What asshole (my buzz word for this post, btw) doesn't understand that just because it's the internet doesn't dismiss you from using the most basic fucking people skills and the simplest of etiquette. The best advice I once read was to treat people on the internet like someone you met in a bar (it works I promise).

Guys, when was the last time you walked up to a lady in a bar and asked if she takes it up the ass? Give me a fucking break! 

I might do anal. I might not. But I promise that you will NEVER know whether or not if you're the kind of crass, clueless, rude and pitifully pathetic moron to open up the discussion with a picture of your one-among-millions dick and an opening line that includes an inquiry about shoving it up my ass.

Get a clue. Get a life.

Get away from me.