Tequila till sunrise again. Will I ever learn?

Tequila is my fucking weakness. I get horny when I drink it. I know I shouldn't drink it because I can't stop. I usually only stop when it runs out or I pass out. Both of those seem to happen sometime after a fuck.

It happened again two nights ago. I know I'm old enough to know better, but I guess I'm too stubborn to care.

Tequila Sunrises. My favorite. My friend. My undoing!

I went out drinking with some friends. It wasn't supposed to be anything but a night out. One of the guys we were with was someone I had seen before, but we hadn't seen each other since last year so I didn't think there was any chance we would hook up. We did.

The bad part is that I don't remember everything. I don't know when I went from buzzed to drunk to I don't give a shit. I don't remember who saw what (not good!). Not everyone we were with that night knows about my 'real' life and I'm usually discreet. (Really I swear!).

But I do know that somewhere along that night I ended up dancing with a few guys. I remember riding in a car with everyone after we left the bar, but I don't remember how I ended up at his place. I do remember being in his bed, and I remember him pulling my pants down. I remember laying there while he fucked me. He may have fucked me twice, I'm not sure. I do remember it feeling good but I don't remember if I came. I don't remember if he came. I don't remember falling asleep or anything after that.

The next thing I do remember is waking up with my head throbbing, wondering where I was and why the room was so bright it hurt my eyes.

I remember him giving me a ride back to the bar to pick up my car. I remember getting home to a husband who was happy to see me, but even happier to bust my ass for disappearing all night without so much as a phone call to let him know where I was.

I blamed it on the Tequila. I wasn't lying. 

Now if I can only remember everything that happened, besides the fucking. Thank God I remembered some of that. Telling my husband the few details I could recall about being fucked was the only thing that saved me from an outright two-day (and well deserved) ass chewing. It's amazing how a hard on can temper his temper.

Oh Tequila. Why dost thou tempt me so?