Our interpretation of the HW/Cuck lifestyle

Our interpretation of a HotWife is a married woman who has sex with men other than her husband, with her husband encouraging his wife's extramarital activities.
The husband in a HotWife relationship is called a cuckold. But today the cuckold term sometimes implies that there is a level of humiliation (intended to be negative) directed at the husband, via either the wife, her sexual partner, or both. The humiliation often focuses on the husband’s lack of sexual prowess, smaller cock size, or his inability to control his wife's extramarital sex and/or her choice of sexual partners. We don’t participate in that part of the lifestyle and don’t get any pleasure from those activities. We are equals in every part of our marriage, including the bedroom.
We both love my HotWife adventures, and we have since beginning them years ago (we enjoyed them even before we knew there was a name for it!).
In addition to several long term 'boyfriend' relationships I’ve had over the years, we also enjoy HotWife adventures in other varieties, like HotWife dating, MFM, nightclub or bar excursions for role playing and sometimes pick-ups, outings with like minded couples, visiting swing club visits on 'single guy allowed' nights, even nude weekends at adults only, swinger friendly nudist resorts (not the AANR variety).
We found that what we enjoy most is sharing of my adventures afterwards, together, later, when we are alone...days and even weeks or months later. Believe me, that's not to understate the enjoyment of the adventure as it’s happening, in every erotic detail, both physically and emotionally, for each of us (and the guy I’m with, too!).
But later when my husband and I are together, snuggling, petting, discussing, and reliving the adventure through our own views, memories and emotions, the complete openness, the honesty, the sharing, and the loving is almost overwhelming.
The sex on the side is wonderful, but the sharing afterward is the cherry on top. I enjoy laying in my husbands arms, teasing him with my story of the night as well as my dripping pussy, while he holds me tightly and kisses me and tells me how much he loves me. At times like that I am in touch all at once with the wife, slut, lover and woman within me. I wouldn't trade those times for anything.