Drive me like you stole me (from my husband)

I’m married. When a guy fucks me he doesn’t own me. He’s borrowing me. Even then it’s just my body he’s borrowing. My heart will always belong to my husband.
But they can ride me like they stole me from my husband for the night. I like it when guys do that. Some of my hottest fucks have been with guys who just don’t give a damn and use me like something they own.

Sometimes I feel subservient with men like that. I can close my eyes and imagine I’m being taken against my will, or being forced to let them fuck me. I like it when they ride me hard and use my body.

That’s one of the best things about seeing other men. They don’t have the same obligations as my husband. They don’t need to be kind and gentle and treat me like their wife.

They won’t go to sleep with me and wake up next to me and have deal with whatever they do to me that night. If they’re too rough they don’t have to say I’m sorry in the morning. They won’t be around. There’s no need to be gentle or hold back.

They can pound me like a cheating slutty wife and not worry about anything except how good it feels. They don’t even need to worry about me. Even that’s exciting. Sometimes I have my best orgasms being pounded by a guy that I know is only trying to please himself.
Isn't it funny how that works?