Let's hear it for PUSSY power!

Did you hear the joke about the little boy and the little girl? He pulled his pants down, pointed to his wee-wee and told her that he had one of these and she didn’t. She pulled her pants down, showed him her puss and told him that with what she had she could get all the wee-wees she wanted!

Smart girl. It took me 35 years to realize the same thing.
Most of us are never taught that lesson. I don’t know why. Maybe men don’t want us to know it so they don’t talk about it. But why don’t women talk about it? Why didn’t our mothers teach us that we can control a lot more than we think? Why did they fail us? Are women so naturally subservient to men that we don’t even see the simplest facts?

Pussy is power. MY pussy is MY power. Why?

Because men need it. They cannot live without it. They go nuts when they don’t get it. Most importantly they will do anything to get it. The hornier you get them the more they will do for it. Get them worked up enough and they will climb every mountain, swim every ocean and slay every dragon just to get to your pussy. (WHY didn’t I realize this sooner? My life would’ve been so much easier).

Today a man can’t knock you over the head and drag you into the bushes and fuck you (except in our fantasies). Men need permission. You have to consent. You have what they need and they can't have it unless YOU want them to have it.

That’s POWER. Real power.

What do you do with that power? That’s up to you. I used mine to get just enough control that I now feel like my marriage is a partnership. We’re equals. I don’t try to overpower my husband and he doesn’t overpower me. I use just enough power to level the playing field.

How did I do it? With sex. Men are controlled by their sex drives. Control his sex drive and you control him. Once you learn how to do that you will be amazed how much better your relationship becomes.

It’s a combination of teasing and hinting at pleasure to get him to agree to what you want, then rewarding him with great sex and plenty of orgasms after he does. I call it my Carrot & Dick method. LOL.

He liked me seeing other men, but he liked to control who I saw and when I saw them. I decided along the way that I wanted it to be on my terms. Now he agrees to anything I want, because he knows it pleases me. I make sure he wants to please me, because he knows that pleasing me has big rewards for HIM.

Our sex life has never been better, even though much of the time I am in bed with another man and not my husband. Before I see someone I tease my husband constantly about the upcoming date. He loves the teasing as much as I do. Most of the time we refrain from any sex before my dates. That gets us both worked up. During these “pre-date” times I can get him to agree to just about anything I want. If I wanted to spend the night with a lover or get a new Mercedes, this is the time I ask! LOL

After my date I spend plenty of time in bed with my husband, making sure he gets so much pleasure that he can’t wait for me to go back and do it again. He loves hearing about my dates - all the details, minute by minute recount of everything I said and did. He loves performing oral sex on me and smelling and tasting everything.

Then he loves to fuck me and get his sloppy seconds as I tell him how much I enjoyed fucking another man; how much bigger his cock was; how many times I came with the other guy, and how much better a lover he was.

All of this drives my husband wild, and he will have several explosive orgasms after my dates. When we’re both exhausted and satisfied the whole cycle starts again on the way to my next date.

You can do the same thing. Tease and please your husband to a better marriage. I promise that you’ll be amazed how much better things will become AND you’ll also be amazed how much pleasure will be in it for YOU!