Your cuckold husband is a crack addict

If you're married and having sex with another man, that is considered so taboo that it will bring out strong emotions for both you and your husband.

When a husband has no desire to reciprocate with any "infidelity" of his own, the couple moves out of the realm of swinging or open marriage and into the one-sided world of cuckolding.

There are many aspects of the lifestyle that can excite the husband - knowing his wife is having sex with another, watching her with another, the competition, jealousy/fear/lust, anticipation/release, short term denial, etc. They can all lead to a lot of sexual tension before, during and after you have sex.

Meetings between you and another guy can take days or weeks of planning. During this time sexual tensions will build up between you and your husband. The same tensions will peak ANY time you're gone out, even if you're not expected to do anything sexual while you're gone.

Just like a junkie waiting for his fix, a cuckold husband gets antsy as soon as you're an hour late returning from an errand or from work. Then there are the nights you go out with full intention of getting laid. There are also those first meetings alone with a new guy, which may or may not result in a sexual encounter, that create a lot of tension.

The emotional rush your husband experiences during these times results from a cocktail of hormones, pheromones, and adrenaline, which together create a rush not unlike a drug. Extended anticipation or extended time apart intensifies his feelings. Knowing that his beloved wife is stepping out on him AND enjoying herself sexually can cause conflicting emotions such as jealousy, excitement, helplessness, lust, betrayal, arousal, etc.

On nights when their wives go out on a date many cuckolds describe tortuous hours of lying awake, unable to sleep, watching the clock as each hour rolls past, listening intently for any sound of her return… at once hoping that she wouldn't walk into the house and is still sexually involved, while at the same time impatiently hoping she does return soon, putting an end to their torment.

If she returns unfucked, they feel a sense of disappointment not unlike that of an addict who was unable to score. A few repeat nights like that, where she still hasn't got laid, and the cuckold husband can go through symptoms similar to withdrawal.

On those nights that she would not return home until late, they often spend the hours masturbating and fantasizing, imagining what she is doing at that moment. Did she find someone? Is she at his house? Is she sucking his cock? Is she fucking someone with a larger cock? Is she allowing another man to cum in her pussy?

Whatever the case, when the wife goes out, the anticipation of the endless possibilities gives the cuckold husband a rush more powerful than any drug.

He's addicted to your crack ladies - everything about it. Every variation of any possibility of any person who could, would, may, might, or should see, touch, smell, feel or (Please God, YES) get inside it. You are in charge of administering that crack. You're his dealer. He looks to you for what he needs.

Can you handle that responsibility?