Those are jerking words, buddy!

Have I ever said that my husband usually finds some of my lovers? I don't remember if I did, but he does.

We use AFF more than any other site. He will write other guys that he thinks I would be interested in.

Sometimes he just sends me their profile and sometimes I write them. But it can work either way.

He found someone last year who lives in a small town about 15 miles from us. The guy lives in a mobile home of all things, but it’s not because he's trailer trash or anything. He's divorced and paying a lot in child support and he never misses a payment. He puts his kids first and is willing to live in a mobile home to sacrifice for them. It’s one of the things I like about him.

When my husband first met this guy (online) he told him that he liked to watch me have sex, and that was fine with the guy. He's one of the people that my husband and I see together.

One thing I like about this lifestyle is the variations. I go out and date other men alone more than anything, but one of my favorites is having sex with someone while my husband watches.

That’s what we do with this guy. My husband and I drive over together and I have sex with this guy while my husband watches. When I date someone and go off by myself I feel like a Hotwife. When my husband goes with me and watches I feel like a couple. They're different experiences.

I like being watched. I like knowing my husband’s eyes are on every move. I like knowing he is hearing every sound. I don’t feel like I’m putting on a show. It’s more like I’m doing what I enjoy and he’s just there to see me doing what I would be doing anyway.

My husband definitely sees it another way. He tells me to ignore him. He gets off thinking that I’ll get so caught up in the sex that I actually forget I’m married. I may have come close once or twice in my life but, for me, it would take a lot to make me forget I’m my husband’s wife. Sometimes I will ignore him just to make him happy though.

My lover enjoys the whole thing. He likes knowing that I’m just for him, even though my husband is there (we’ve never all played together). He will make a big deal out of having fresh fruit and wine ready when we arrive, and he talks mostly to me in the living room. He sits beside me on the sofa when we talk, and looks mostly at me. We usually will kiss and make out some on the sofa before moving to the bedroom. When he's ready he takes my my hand and leads me back. My husband will follow right behind us.

There is always a small fold up chair against the wall in his bedroom that my husband will unfold and sit in (his room is REALLY tiny). After we start having sex though my lover will talk to my husband.

When he goes down on me he'll look at my husband and tell him that I have a sweet pussy. When I’m going down on him he will tell my husband that I’m a good cocksucker and how hot I am.

It’s when we start fucking that I worry he may go too far. He always says things like how much he likes fucking me, or how wet I am, or how long he’s waited to get his cock back in my pussy. But sometimes he says more. He has said things to my husband like how I must like his cock better, since I drove all the way over to get it. Or he asks my husband how he could let another man fuck such a fine piece of ass. One time, as he was getting close to cumming, he told my husband that my pussy was becoming his.

What does my husband do? He takes out his dick and masturbates.

Where does it stop? Can this guy say anything to push him too far?

I know he loves it when I say those things to him during pillow talk or when we have sex. But I would’ve thought it would be quite different to hear another man say it. He doesn’t seem to mind though. It turned him on. 

Here is this other guy challenging him for his wife while he fucks me, and my husband reacts by sporting a nice boner that he can’t keep his hands off. 

I’ve asked him about it. He promised me that it doesn’t bother him. I swear, the more I learn about him the more I realize I have still more to learn.

How complex is this man?