Pulling out isn't just hard for him!

I've said before that I don't like condoms (for all the obvious reasons).

Sometimes you want the real thing, know what I mean?

Sure it's almost the same when you use a condom but it's not exactly the same, is it? Be honest. There's something missing. Maybe it's the friction. Or maybe it's in my mind. Maybe I just prefer someone else's skin against mine, even inside me. Whatever. I know it's natural and I know I prefer it.

Of course sometimes I have to make a guy wear one, especially those days when I want the most for him NOT to wear one. Isn't Mother Nature cruel? When I'm the horniest and the neediest I can't get what I want. It sucks, but I'm not going to take that chance. On O-day and a few days before it's a condom or no fucking.

Then there's the rest of the month. The days when a condom is optional. Like my other post says (It's my body & my decision) I decide when and which guy wears one and which one doesn't.

If I decide to let a guy go without one, I'll usually tell him upfront if it's okay to cum in me or if I want him to pull out. I usually try to use my head here. If I'm close to ovulating then I usually ask him to pull out. I mean, why take the chance? We both still get 99% of the pleasure, and having cum shot on my ass or my stomach is fun too. So that's usually the plan if the time is risky.

Of course sometimes plans change, usually because of the guy. I've had guys who didn't make it. It happens. They lose control and wait too long, spraying everywhere on the way out. Once they do that, then I usually don't trust them to pull out again.

I had one guy who told me he would pull out, but he never even tried. He pinned me down and stayed inside me while he came. It was actually hot at the time but later I was nervous because of the time of the month. Still, it worked out okay.

Then there have been nights when I changed my mind at the last minute. I decided to take the chance and told them not to pull out, or pulled them into me as they got close. When that happens it's usually because I'm close to my own orgasm, and nothing (nothing!) is better to me than a simultaneous orgasm! I always get off big time when I'm close and then I feel a guy stiffen up and start pumping it into me. When I feel that's about to happen it's so tempting to pull him deeper and tell him to go for it.

Does that make me a cumslut? Maybe. At the time I really don't care. I just need it.

But the rest of the time I'm a target zone. That's okay too. It can be satisfying in its own way, letting some guy shoot warm cum where he wants. I enjoy seeing the look on their face when they pull out and point that cock at me, wondering how far they will shoot and where it will land.

It's all fun! But just know that sometimes pulling out can be just as tough on me as it is on the guys!