When does teasing become cruel?

I've always loved to tease my husband about seeing other men. He loves being teased as much as I love teasing him. It's part of our game.

I'll tell him how horny I'm getting, and what I plan to do on my date. I might tease him with how late I'll come home or how many times I might get fucked.

My teasing has always been fun and sexy. But lately I want to taunt him more. I've been doing things that feel almost sadistic. I'm not sure why.

In one instance I went on a date and told him that I would call by ten. I could have easily done so, but I didn't. It was deliberate. Maybe I wanted to see how he reacted. Maybe I just wanted to push him, or push the limits of my freedom a little more. I'm not sure why but I liked the thought of him squirming in his chair waiting for the phone call that never came. (I told him I forgot to call, when I came home three hours later).

Then there was the Saturday I told him I was meeting some friends for a drink and would be home early. Most of the friends were men though, and I knew the night could lead to more. I called him around eight o'clock and told him I met someone and I might be bringing them home. He got the house ready. Instead I went home with one of the guys and screwed him until midnight. Then I went home alone. I knew my husband would be pissed. But I also knew I had a juicy puss to calm things, and I loved using it to back him down when I walked in. Why did I do that?

Then there was the time I had a friend over to the house. As agreed, I took my friend into our bedroom and locked the door (we do that sometimes). I told my husband to wait in the living room while we fucked. I intended to be in there an hour or two at the most. But we stayed in bed for three and a half hours. I never checked on my husband or let him know anything. I knew he was going nuts in the living room, but I loved the thought of that. I know it was mean, but I enjoyed it.

One of his favorite angles is when I'm with a guy who has a larger cock. That's common for most cuckold husbands. We talk about it a lot during our pillow talk or while we have sex. I honestly enjoy my husbands cock and I've never felt that he was lacking. But one night about a month ago I came back from a date with a guy who we knew was hung nicely (8" I guess). I had been with him before.

This night as my husband was going down on me after the date I was telling him how sore my pussy was. He was asking me all about it when I told him that the other guys cock was so big and I was so stretched out that he didn't need to bother fucking me. I wouldn't feel him anyway. Then I made him jerk off, eating my pussy, while I told him how much bigger the other guy was than him. My husband had a tremendous orgasm and shot a huge load on the bedsheets. He seemed to enjoy it, but the weird thing was how much I loved taunting him and making sure he knew that I preferred the big cock over his. Pretty mean, right?

Then there was the auto dealer who he never really liked. Sometimes I let him think I liked the guy more than I did. I think I enjoyed seeing him squirm with jealousy. Why would I do that to someone I love?

I seem to want to push him lately. Maybe I want to see how much he can take.

Are the rules changing? Are they becoming "All my way and you just need to deal with it"?

I know I have a lot of power over him. Is it going to my head? Is power corrupting me?

I don't know. This is very strange for me.