Got "it"? Flaunt "it"!

I'm over 40 and climbing (damn it!).

Like I wrote in another post, I don't feel like I'm that hot of a Hotwife, but I do appreciate the title!

Guys still hit on me. I think that's more because of my attitude now then when I was younger. Even though I'm older I definitely feel sexier now.

Maybe that's because I know more now. I know more about me and I know more about men. Knowing both makes it easier to get them together! If I'd only known at 22 what I know now!

I do like it when guys approach me though, even if it doesn't go anywhere. I think that comes across in my attitude. I try to be more approachable today and I think others can see that.

Being sexy makes me feel good. I like that. Maybe I need it. But as long as guys treat me like I have "it" then I'm going to act like I have "it". I'm going to enjoy the way "it" feels before I get too old and "it" finally goes wherever "it" goes once we lose "it".

They say it's a waste if someone doesn't use their God-given talent or brains to build a better life. Is it any less of a waste if you don't use your God-given sexuality to have a more enjoyable life?

I don't plan to find out. I'm enjoying "it" as long as I can.