Hi. I'm Amy. Can I suck your dick?

Okay the title is an exaggeration. But it sounds hot and it's not an exaggeration by much! :0)

Thursday night we went to a cookout at a friend’s house after work. There were five other couples and about as many singles, including a really good looking guy whom I had never met before. His name was Mike. After we were introduced, we had a chance to talk several times, and I found him quite interesting and definitely a cutie. He seemed to think the same about me.

There was plenty of beer to help things along, and before the afternoon was over we were definitely flirting. My husband and a few others had taken notice, so I tried to keep it under control. As it got closer to dark, most of the others left.

Soon it was just our hosts, one other couple, my husband and me and Mike left at the cookout. I guess the beer was working, because soon I found myself making eye contact with Mike whenever I thought I could get away with it. He was doing the same, and we had a fun game going. The problem was that everyone else knew it too, as my husband later pointed out.

At some point Mike said he needed to go to the bathroom, and he headed inside. I said I did too, and I followed him in, leaving everyone else outside. Mike really did have to go to the bathroom, so I waited in the hall for him to come out.

When he came out I took his hand and pulled him into the nearest bedroom and closed the door. He was surprised but he didn’t resist. As soon as the door was closed I leaned into him and kissed him. He responded and soon had a hand inside my blouse and I had reached down and undone his pants and pulled out his beautiful dick. It was smooth and warm and perfect and getting stiff. I couldn’t resist bending over and putting it into my mouth. Then I dropped to my knees. He moaned and put his hands behind my head (which I love!).

I had no intention of going all the way through with it. There wasn't enough time. (Shit! Shit! Shit!). With everyone outside I was straining to hear any sound of someone else walking in, while I did my best to suck his beautiful dick better than anyone else ever, EVER sucked it before. This went on for only a minute or two then I looked up and told him we didn't have time to finish but I would gladly finish it if he would like to get together. He said he was all for it! (Doh!)

I stood up and he managed to fight his hard cock back in his pants and zip up. I gave him my phone number and told him to call me soon. Then I told him to walk me back. When we came out of the house I took his arm with a smile. Everyone knew something was up, but I didn’t care. I let him walk me back to the table, and even clung to him a few seconds too long, knowing that my husband and everyone else was watching.

I liked doing that. It got a rise out of my husband, which I enjoy. But it also made me feel mischievous. Nobody knew that I had just sucked Mike's cock and given him my phone number, although they knew something was amiss. That was exciting.

Afterward my husband told me that everyone was whispering. He didn’t know about the dick sucking until later. He said he thought Mike might have been trying to hit on me! When I told him I got Mike's dick in my mouth my husband almost came in his pants. He did like the way that I came out holding Mike’s arm though and wasn’t bothered by it all.

I went home wet after the party. When we got back my husband alomost ripped my clothes off and banged me into the headboard like an olympic athlete while I saw nothing but stars and visions of Mike's cock for the best part of half an hour. (Damn I love this shit!)

Now I know in the future that if I see someone I like in public that my husband is okay if I flirt with them. That’s a nice thing to know. It's another option. You know what I mean ladies? :0)