Car whores, the sequel

After not having sex in a car in forever I got laid in the backseat of a car for the second time this year.

Like the first time, this time wasn't planned. But it was hot and it was fun!

It's not a long story. I had a guy who I'd been seeing on and off for a couple of months. He and my husband knew each other, and he had been to the house on more than one occasion.

This night he and I had gone off together. He'd called the house earlier that day and my husband had suggested that we go out that evening. So he came by and picked me up. Although he offered I didn't feel like going to dinner, so we went for a drink at a local bar.

We sat and talked and had three or four drinks. Then he asked if I wanted to go back to his place or go back to our house. I told him let's go to the car and talk about it and decide. Once we got there we made out and kissed for awhile, then things started to heat up. I told him I wanted to fuck him right there.

Where we were parked wasn't the best place to make a scene. So he started up the car and we pulled to a more secluded part of the parking lot. After he turned off the engine I shimmied over the front seat. He got out and crawled into the back seat with me.

Then we both slipped off our pants. I was horny as a housecat and ready to go. So I laid back on the seat and asked him if he could get on top, between my legs. Skip the condom. It was a safe time of the month and I needed all of him.

It was tight getting into position, but once he was inside me it worked great. He braced his feet against the car and soon he was pounding me vigorously. I think I came three or four times. It was one of those impulsive, urgent fucks that makes you feel like an animal. He worked for it and I let him have it. Soon I heard him grunting deep and then felt him pour everything he had into me. It was a glorious ending to a brief but seriously wet fuck!

I dripped cum all over his leather seats when I sat up to get dressed, and it got all over my pants when I put them back on. I didn't care though, because I knew my husband would appreciate the story behind the stains once I got to the house.

Afterward he drove me straight home. I gave him a kiss as he dropped me off, and then he left. I went straight inside to tell my husband all about it, thinking to myself on the way in that there are lots worse things than being a Hotwife!