Tips and Hints from Heloise

J/K! I don't really pretend to be the Hints from Heloise for Hotwives. But I do hope others find some nuggets of wisdom among my literary meanderings.

Hint #1 -- If you want to make your husband hysterically happy, come home from a date with your panties looking like this.

Hint #2 -- If you don't want to ruin your beige leather car seat in your Lexus, don't drive home with your panties looking like this LOL

Solution -- I now keep a folded up, plastic trash bag stuffed under the seat of my car to sit on when I'm "wet".

By the way, if you haven't tried it, driving in this condition can be distracting. But I'll delightedly do it for him (It's such a sacrifice on my part!). The next time this happens though I won't have to scrub my seat with leather cleaner and conditioner the next day.

I've been asked before for advice I might have about this lifestyle, so I'll add these --

Be honest at all times, with your husband AND yourself. This lifestyle can be abstruse at times. You will encounter situations that test you and tax your marriage. It's part of the journey. Be honest with everyone and yourself to get the most enjoyment from it and keep your marriage strong.

Agree on rules with your husband. The rules are meant to preserve the mariage above all else. The rules can change over time (trust me). Boundaries will be pushed (trust me again!). That's normal. Most of the rules and boundaries will be set by you. Remember, you're in charge. But you both need to agree on them and you both need to abide by them. Also you don't change the rules when you're out on a date. Rules and boundaries are set together, and changed together.

Communicate constantly and openly, before, during and after everything that involves another man. Don't keep things from your husband. Secrets break down the most important element of the Hotwife/cuck marriage, which is the trust.

Exception - I don't communicate when I'm with someone. I turn off my cell. I don't text with my husband (even though he wanted me to!). I need privacy when I'm with someone so my cell is off. I also try to get the guy I'm with to turn off his phone, too.

I always carry a personal bag in my trunk. It's a mini version of an overnight bag with my lifestyle in mind. It has: An oversized t-shirt, panties (nothing fancy), jeans, socks, lipstick, base/blush, mascara/eyeliner, hair brush, toothbrush, breath mints, Astroglide, some condoms (even an X-tra large in case I hit the jackpot!) and tampons. Rain or shine, I'm prepared!

That's all I can think of now but tune in later. Maybe I'll post more.