Get ready. Get ready. Get ready. Get ready. Go out!

If you've been doing this as long as I have then you already know that going out with other men has its rewards.

But I've learned that the set up before the date is half the fun for me and my husband. Like I posted before we always tease each other during the week, and I prefer not to have sex for two or three days before I see someone. That way I'm sure to be horny and I enjoy the sex more.

One thing I (we!) enjoy is my getting dressed for the date. I usually try on a lot of different outfits. I like to linger over each one, making sure to look in the mirror and check out how I look while my husband watches.

It drives him nuts (in a good way!). I make sure he knows that I want to look perfect for the man I'll be having sex with (actually i do!). If the guy is coming over to our house, I'll sometimes dress in lingerie and cover with a wrap or a robe before he arrives.

If you want to have more fun, go lingerie shopping ahead of time with your husband. Pick out what you want to wear and make him pay for it. Then remind him that he may be buying it, but another man will be getting the benefit. My husband gets off on that. He thinks that's oh SO hot!

Putting on lingerie before a date with you husband watching, knowing that you're planning to take it off soon for another man, is probably the most tantalizing thing you will ever do as a couple that doesn't actually result in having sex together.

Once I've picked out my outfit (and deliberately changed my mind a dozen times) I'll slowly finish dressing, making sure everything is adjusted perfectly. Occasionally I'll have my husband go down on me briefly before I dress, but just enough to give him a taste of what he's giving away. I never let him make me cum and I never let him masturbate. It's all about waiting. I'm waiting so he's waiting.

Don't just wait before your date. Use it. Play with it. If you're not playing with the wait, you're missing out on half the fun!