Slippery seconds not sloppy seconds

Tuesday night I was able to slip over to this guys house for a couple of hours. I've been seeing him for about five months now. He's a really good fuck, and probably my favorite these days.

It was a great night, with three great fucks and three equally great loads of cum. (Well the last one might have been a bit weak but who cares).

I don't use condoms with him since I know he's safe, plus I loathe those things anyway (who doesn't).

So it's always a good time when I see him plus I get to fuck bareback. My husband is always excited too, because he knows that I'll be good and juicy when I get home.

This time when I got back I decided to play around and have some fun. When I came in I told him to lay back on the bed. I stripped right down, and crawled on top of him. At first I acted like I was going to straddle his face, which he loves after I come home from a date (especially when I see this one guy). I placed my knees on either side of his head and put my crotch close to his face, so he could see and smell that I had definitely been having sex.

I made sure to let him know that it was GREAT sex too!

I told him that the fucking was awesome. I came many times while I was over there. He fucked my pussy bareback the way I liked and he shot three big loads inside me... inside that same pussy right in front of his face......

Then I shifted back down, moving my hips toward his. I leaned down and kissed him and whispered in his ear that we wouldn't be fucking tonight. I was already filled with plenty of cum and that's all I want this night.

I eased my puss down on his hard cock and started rubbing my slit up and down his shaft. I told him that another mans cum was leaking out of me right now, onto his cock. I told him that he would have to get off rubbing his wife's used pussy, using only another mans cum for lube. I slowly ground my crotch against him, letting the wetness rub all over him. He moaned and pushed against me, enjoying the slippery sensation as we rubbed together.

I knew he wouldn't last long. It only took minutes, as I constantly reminded him that it wasn't my wetness he was feeling. It was the cum from another man dripping out. My pussy was full of cum and it was all leaking out onto his cock... his aching cock that wouldn't be getting any of my pussy... because someone else already used it tonight...

FIRE in the hole...! Shoot... shoot... shoot.... shoot.... shoot....

Damn I can be such a good cock tease! It's great knowing what my man likes. I love sex with him. Even when I'm not with him, he's still a big part of why I love doing what I do.

What shall I do next time? What will this cock tease think of......?