Men think about sex every 7 seconds

If your husband is a cuckold he is different from other men. He doesn't think about sex every 7 seconds. He thinks about YOUR SEX every 7 seconds!

Yes, he thinks about your pussy (sorry to be so blunt!).

Cuckold husbands derive ALL their sexual pleasure through one person.


If you're smart, you'll remember this and USE it to your advantage.

Sure, men think about sex constantly. That's okay, because that's what makes them men and we love them for it. What you want to do is make sure that your husband never, EVER thinks about anyone other than you.

You want to make sure that the picture in his mind is YOUR pussy. Cuckold husbands are the most faithful husbands any woman can have because they are focused only on their wife. The irony is that the best way to keep them faithful and focused just on you (and YOUR pussy) is to cheat on them. Give your pussy to others. Sleep with other men and they will love you MORE than you ever thought possible.

Life could be worse. You could be worrying about a cheating husband like the rest of the wives out there. Or you could be bored to death in your marriage and be looking to cheat yourself. But you don't have to. Your ticket to a solid marriage is to do what many other women do, but you can do it openly, with your husbands knowledge. Not only will he thank you for it, he will want you to do it more. The more pleasure you get, the more pleasure he will have.

Don't be like all those other women. They don't know what you know. You know he thinks about it every 7 seconds. You know how to keep him thinking about yours and yours alone, and have all the pleasure you can handle while keeping him focused only on you.

Are you going to be a Hotwife or a HoHumwife?

Whos pussy does your husband have on his mind?


Someone else's?

Do you know?