Cuckold translation for Dummies

I've posted about this before, and I saw another example of it this past week when I saw two different men.

The MORE I see other men the MORE my husband adores me.

It's true!

If your husband is like mine, his passion for you is inflamed every time you're with someone else. He can't stand knowing you're with someone else, and it makes them want us that much more. If you see TWO men in one week like I did, he will be beside himself dealing with all of the emotions.

When you see someone else you are all he thinks about. Nothing else. Nobody else. Just you.

Being with other men may even trigger thoughts that he could be losing you. What do people (especially men) want the most? That which they can't have!

If you're with another man, then he can't have you! Worse, you could fall for the other man. There's always that chance (no matter how slight) that you could fall for someone else. THAT DRIVES YOUR HUSBAND CRAZY! It incites jealousy and love and yearning, but it also stirs his arousal and lust for you. If he knows another man wants you, then your husband WANTS YOU MORE!

Folks, I think I've got it figured out. After I'm with another man I've noticed subtle changes about my husband. Here's my list of translations:

He'll do anything to prove his love for me (Translation - choose ME over that other guy!)

He'll do anything to make me happy (Translation - I can make you happier than that other guy)

He'll give me or buy me anything I want (Translation - I can provide for you better than that other guy)

He pays constant attention to me (Translation - I appreciate you more than that other guy)

He helps me around the house (Translation - I'll make your life easier than that other guy)

The sexual translations are different. Since cuckold husbands are aroused by the thought of you preferring to have sex with other men, preferably dominant, virile, better-hung men, the translations come from other motivations. For instance:

He'll want to please me orally (Translation - They may fuck you better or have a bigger cock, but I can please you just as well in other ways)

He'll want to have an orgasm inside me (Translation - They could get you pregnant and I need to get my shot at you too)

It all makes sense. A cuckold husband thrives off being emotionally torn, pulled back and forth between love and fear.

Love of you versus fear of losing you.

He rides the wave of lust that results from sloshing back and forth between the two.

What does this mean for you? Now that you know what makes him tick, you can work him. You know how to keep him focused on you and only you.

The next time you get horny do BOTH OF YOU a favor and go out and fuck someone else. Enjoy yourself. Not only do you get the physical pleasure of getting laid, you're cementing your husband's commitment to you AND making him happy at the same time.

What more could a woman want?