Double dating the Hotwife way

I saw a picture the other day that reminded me of the way I feel about coming home to my husband after being with someone else.

It was a picture of a man going down on a woman who had supposedly just had sex with another man. The picture had some graphics in it that talked about the 'After date date'. It was funny, but it also was something that had meaning to me.

One of the reasons I started seeing other men was because it was a fantasy of my husband. I did it for him at first (not so much now, but that's another story). I do a lot of things for him because I love him.

He once asked me if I was always happy to be coming home to him after being with another guy. I paused before answering.

He didn’t understand. He didn’t know that I get a huge thrill coming home to him. Even if the sex was incredible with someone else I still can’t wait to get home to my husband. Even though I now date mostly for me, it’s still just for the sex. Whoever I’m with, no matter who they are, they can never touch my soul and make me feel complete the way my husband does.

Knowing that he’s at home, patiently and faithfully waiting, makes me speed up on the drive back. I can’t wait to get home to him. I love knowing that he will be excited for me, for my body and for every word I share. It's thrilling and comforting. I can’t wait to get into our bed with him and be the object of his desire. I can’t wait to please him with nothing more than my presence (he misses me so badly that I love it!). And I love all his reactions to me.

I know he’ll consume me if I let him, physically and more. His lust and passion will be equally as fervent as mine might have been with someone else earlier that night. I enjoy seeing his pleasure on my return. I live for it every bit as much as any sexual pleasure I may have had with another man a few hours ago. 

That’s my type of double-date: two men in one night. Or, like the picture said, the ‘After date date’.

I love my After date date. He will always be my favorite date.