So tell me, does it taste like chicken?

Remember what I said about controlling their little head? You can use that, ladies. If you get him horny enough, you can get your man to walk on coals. He'll walk through that fire to get to you, or he'll walk through that fire just because it pleases you. He'll even drag his dick through the coals if it means he gets to put it where he wants. This is how I used this to my advantage.

About a month ago while my husband was settling in to watch my lover and I together in bed, I asked him if he would like to go down on me to prepare me for my lovers cock. He said yes, so I lay back and allowed him to use his wonderful tongue for a few minutes, getting me even wetter. That lasted for three or four minutes then I told him that was enough and he stopped and got off the bed.

My lover climbed on top and we began to have sex. About 15 minutes after we began, I asked my lover to pull out for a moment and then asked my husband if he would like to eat my “slick pussy”. My husband said sure, and repeated his efforts between my legs (which felt glorious).

After a few minutes I told him that was enough and my lover resumed screwing me. Later he reached his climax within me and expended his usual, copious amount of semen.

After we rested I asked my husband if he would like to lie beside me, finger my pussy and masturbate. He said he did. I knew he would. So I spread my legs a bit and told him to place his head on my thigh so he could get a good look down there. Stroking himself he lasted no more than two minutes before shooting all over my leg and the bedsheets again. When he finished, I told him that the next time he would get an even closer look down there. I wanted to plant the idea but not push him too fast.

Before I saw my lover again we had several nights of pillow chat, discussing how he had fingered my pussy earlier and enjoyed seeing and feeling me after sex. I told him that it excited me for him to be down there after I was with another man, feeling him between my legs. I asked him if he could smell my excitement and wondered what it would be like to taste me after I’d had sex with someone. I didn’t push the idea. Instead I left it there.

The next time was less than three weeks later. Once again, my lover and I had my husband go down on me before we screwed, than do it once more midway through our first screw. At the end my lover once again filled me with his usual gift.

But this time I was ready to try something new. The time had come to push my husband a little further. I asked him to get in the bed with us, lay down beside me and place his head on my thigh, just like last time. After he did I parted my legs to give him a better view in the dim light. Then, as he began to masturbate I deliberately reached between the folds of my pussy and dipped my index finger into the wetness, bringing it then to my lips and letting him see me taste the flavor of our combined juices. I moved my finger slowly in and out of my mouth, using my tongue on it, making sure to let him see how much I loved the taste.

My husband watched in fascination, as I moved my hand back to my crotch and dipped the same finger into my wet pussy again. But this time I moved my hand toward his face.

He recoiled as my hand approached, but I quickly placed my other hand behind his head and said ‘no’. Then I slowly eased my slippery finger between his lips. He didn’t flinch as I traced my finger around his lips. Then I repeated my action, once again from my pussy to his lips. After the third time, I asked him if that was so bad. He said “No not really”.

So I spread my legs wider and told him to get between them. He looked up at me tentatively, and then did as I said, sliding over my thigh and putting his face about a foot away from my crotch. He stared between my legs, then looked up at me.

As soon as our eyes met I said “Do it”. He knew what I was saying.

My lover and I both watched silently. My husband shifted himself closer until I felt his hot breath down there. I could literally feel his indecision. That's when I reached down with both hands, put them behind his head and gently pulled him those last few inches. His mouth made contact with my wet flesh and I knew I had him.

He seemed to be overcome with it at first, but then I felt him gradually give in and he began to enjoy it. I noticed his excitement building. He became more animated. Soon juices were everywhere. I could feel his tongue begin to explore and taste me, moving deeper inside. Soon it was a plethora of sexual juices; my wetness mixed with my lovers’ semen mixed with my husband’s saliva. It was as much of a sexual pleasure as it was a personal victory for me. His being down there was all my doing and I loved that every bit as much as I did his tongue.

I will always remember the feeling of lying in that bed and kissing another man deeply, while feeling the pleasure of my husband's tongue eagerly slurping between my widespread legs.

Nights like that one make it ALL worth it! That sure beats a night of Pinochle and Trivial Pursuit.