The zipless fuck

I haven't done the totally zipless fuck.
I don't know why I never have.
I do have the fantasy.

There's definitely something hot about the idea of meeting an attractive guy that's a total stranger and going somewhere to fuck.

No names. No explanations.
No baggage. No commitments.
I think you're hot. You think I'm hot.
Let's fuck.

So why haven't I done it? I can't answer that because I don't know. Maybe it's because I usually like to get to know someone first. If I know and like the person I'm with then I'm more giving in bed. That suits me.

The idea of fucking someone just one time is different for me. It could be hot. But everything would have to be right. For sure it would have to be the right guy (hot/rugged/insistent). It would have to be right situation (out alone) and I would have to be in the right mood (horny/looking). It would probably also have to be on one of my Tequila nights. That's usually when I get crazy.

Could I do it? Yes.

Would I do it? Maybe. Like I said, if everything was right.

Then I could probably fuck someone like that. Meet. Smile. Go. Unzip. Naked. Wet. Fucking. Cumming. Fucked. Zip up. Dressed. Gone.

What a confession THAT would be! Honey, you're not going to believe what I did tonight...........

Um, details? There aren't many details.

Who was he? Don't know.
What's his name? Don't know.
Where does he live? Don't know.
What do you know?

I know I had some great orgasms and my pussy is well fucked.

Considering what this is all about, would the other details really matter that much? Maybe I'll find out.