Looky Looky! Watch me, honey!

I guess most of us enjoy being looked at. We live for our looks. Some of us live off our looks. We spend an hour a day doing our hair, makeup, nails, shaving, plucking, waxing, and all the other shit that makes us pretty to look at. So we must enjoy it, right? Does that carry into the bedroom?

For me yes, it does.

I love being watched. I have had sex in a few circumstances where others have watched me, and I loved it.

Sometimes when I masturbate I fantasize about people watching me, seeing me naked and fucking. I never know them. They’re always faceless strangers, men and women, lurking just out of sight. They hover in the shadows. I’m on my back, missionary position on a table, not a bed. It’s like an exhibit or a display. A sex display. They are all watching intently as another faceless stud pumps me.

I see them watching me, as I look past my outstretched legs. My feet bob up and down with each of his thrusts, but my eyes are open and they're all watching me. The man on top of me is only incidental. His cock is neither large nor small. The fucking is good but not great.

The pleasure isn’t genital. It’s all the eyes on me. It’s the crowd of strangers fixated on watching the woman openly fornicating in front of them. I love knowing that they see me open and exposed, with nothing hidden. They can all see between my legs when he pulls back. They see my wet, exposed vulva. Maybe even the dark opening of my vagina before his cock refills it. They see my legs held up and wide, my breasts swaying back and forth to his rhythm, my open mouth gasping for air and moaning my pleasures into the room. I love that they are all seeing me at my most intimate moment. Nothing is hidden from them. There is no way for me to hide anything.

My orgasm is always intense when I imagine that scene. Maybe that’s why I love it when my husband watches me. Physically he has seen all of me of course. But every man I am with brings something new to my bed, and most men bring out something new in me. Every experience is different. I like for my husband to be a part of that sometimes. It’s one way I can share with him some of the pleasure I get by being his wife and being able to fuck around.

Some men I’ve been with have let him watch. One guy I used to see regularly had a thing for being watched, like I do. He liked having my husband there. I think it motivated him to put on quite the show and fuck me better (much to my pleasure). He was probably an exhibitionist like me.

That has me thinking. I think I will find another guy who likes fucking me in front of my husband. I've been needing that.