Shhhhh. I talk. You listen.

One of the best things about being a Hotwife with a cuckold husband is having all the say when it comes to sex.

This is my second marriage. My first husband and I argued about sex a lot after the first few years. It wasn't that I he wanted it and I didn't. Even then I loved sex (I love it more now).

But he wanted it when he wanted it and he didn't care about my needs. He didn't care if I was in the mood for sex and he usually didn't put much effort toward making sure I was satisfied. So sex became a problem for us. It was one of the reasons we separated then divorced.

Things are different now. My marriage today is so much better that I no longer look back and call my first marriage a marriage at all. It was very one-sided - all his side. Aside from the profound differences in the man I'm married to now, sex too is completely opposite.

Today I'm the one who sets the pace of our sex life. It's not that I'm one-sided at all. I remember what it was like being married to a selfish person who only thought of their needs. I will never be that way (it's not the way I am anyway). I know what my husband needs to be happy. I see to it that he gets it. But I need to do it at my pace and the way that I prefer.

His needs are simple. He gets off on me being with someone else. But it doesn't have to be every night. It doesn't even have to be every week. Sometimes I may have a guy I see frequently, especially if they're new. But usually I see another guy maybe two or three times a month.

The rest of the time I tease my husband about someone I will see. Or someone I did see. Or someone I've been fantasizing of. So, even without seeing someone, I can still keep my husband teased and aroused and satisfied just using pillow talk.

Sometimes he tries to convince me to see more guys, or guys more often than I want. There have also been times when he's tried to discourage me from seeing someone he didn't like (see my post about the car dealer). Other times he's tried to get me to cut my dates short and come home early.

That's when I have to reassert our roles in our relationship. I don't mind seeing other men. I enjoy it. But each relationship I have with other guys is different. Some move faster, some slower. Some guys I can't get enough of for a while, others I'm fine seeing once a month. In order for me to enjoy each one, it has to be at my pace and when I choose. Otherwise I don't enjoy things as much. I don't get as much pleasure. I don't get as turned on.

So sometimes I'll remind my husband that this has to be on my terms. I'll fuck them honey, don't worry. I'll gladly fuck them and get off on it and go back for more and come home and tell you all about!

But it has to be MY way and on MY terms.