I want you! (to leave okay baby?)

One thing that I have found out about being a Hotwife is that you can do things and say things when you're in your Hotwife mode that you can't always get away with in your 'regular wife' mode.

That appeals to me. I can be a different me. Maybe it's the real me (?). Maybe that's why I like it so much.

The other day we had a guy over who we had just met. I found him on AFF. He knew we were a couple and was cool with what we liked. He was cute and I liked what I knew about him so we had him over. I wasn't disappointed. He was shorter than I thought but still a cute guy with a lot of potential.

We all had some drinks together and talked in the living room. At some point my husband suggested watching an adult DVD, which always flips the mood from maybe to okay let's give it a go.

My husband usually picks something appropriate for the night, so we watched one of those Screw My Wife flicks for a while. Then he got up to refresh our drinks. He sometimes does that as an excuse to give me time alone with a guy.

It works well because most guys can be a little shy in front of a husband, which I can understand. When my husband came back a few minutes later I asked if he could get me a glass of Pinot Grigio instead (my favorite). When he went back into the kitchen I told our guest that we'd have some time alone if he wanted. He said sure.

My husband came back and said we were out of Pinot Grigio. (Guess what? I knew we were!). I told him I really wanted some, and asked him if he would go get us a bottle. The look on his face was priceless. (I love this!).

He said that he would go get it if I insisted, but there were plenty of other things to drink.

Nope. It's Pinot Grigio, I told him. "Now do be a dear and go get us some, would you please?"

He knew he'd been had. But he had no choice except leave, and he knew it. I was sending him out for more than just wine. I was sending him out because I was in charge, and I could.

So he got his coat and keys and left. The liquor store is 20 minutes away. I had 40 minutes. I invited him into the bedroom, we got naked, got busy and were in the middle of a good fuck by the time we heard the front door open.

My husband made a point of banging around in the kitchen to let everyone know he was home. A few minutes later he walked into the bedroom with my glass of Pinot Grigio. He was greeted with the view of me on my hands and knees on the bed, getting pummeled from behind.

I smiled at him. He smiled back at me. It was priceless!

It was another good night being the wife he loves me to be.