Call me what you want. It's okay. Really!

I was with this guy last week. It's a guy I see every so often, but not often enough to suit me.

He's such a good time that I will usually rearrange my schedule anytime he wants to see me. My husband calls me his whore. I told him I'm not a whore for him, I'm a slut for him.

What's the difference? None I guess. Because one of the things I absolutely love about this guy is that he calls me every name in the book. I mean EVERY dirty word imaginable!

The first time I was with him I realized he was very vocal. He was talking to me constantly from the time I dropped my top until he came for the last time.

The strange thing about it was that I LOVED IT! I never would have thought I would. I'm far from puritanical (hey I fuck other men) but I was surprised how much pleasure I got from the way he talked to me.

As soon as I get naked with him it starts ----

On your knees, suck it, take it, fuck me, tell me, spread wide, suck them, finger it, pump it, eat it, swallow it, lick it, bend over, open up, more tongue, open wide, say it, beg for it, lift them higher, show me, and on and on.

Mix all of those liberally with bitch, slut, whore and cunt and you get some idea of how he talks to me.

Offensive, right? Nope! LOL I pure out cream myself when he starts talking to me like that. I don't know why. I think it makes me feel dirty. I feel like he lets himself go with me, and I'm his walking fantasy, and I like being a mans fantasy. (He's divorced and he said his ex would never go for that).

Maybe it's because it gives the impression that he has no respect for me. I'm just a thing for him to use for sex. A sex toy. Or a whore. Yes, I guess maybe I am a whore for him. That's okay. Use me. Like the saying goes, treat me like the whore that I am.

But wait! Where's my fucking $200?