The art of teasing

We love teasing. We tease each other a lot. It keeps us laughing and connected.

We especially love sexual teasing. It's such a big part of the Hotwife life for us. It wouldn't be the same without the teasing.

Teasing goes both ways. He teases me about my desires. He teases me when he knows I see someone I like. He teases me when he knows I did someone I enjoyed. He teases me to let me know that he knows me. I like that. He does know me and he should be able to have fun with it.

I tease him too. My teasing is different. I tease him with a purpose. Yes it's fun, and it can make us both laugh like school kids. But most of my teasing is meant to excite him. I do it well.

Teasing can make every one of my dates last for days. I tease my husband long before I go out. For days before I'll remind him of my date that's coming up. I make sure he cannot forget it. If I remind him enough then he cannot help but think of anything BUT my date. That really means that he cannot think of anything but ME. What wife wouldn't use the chance to make sure her husband is thinking about her every waking minute? (Foolish wives, that's who).

I love teasing him. I love to see the look on his face when we're sitting at the dinner table and I remind him that I'll be spreading my legs for someone a few nights from now. I love to ride down the road together and reach over and rub his dick and tell him that I can't wait until date night because I'm so horny. I love to lay in bed at night and tell him to kiss me and masturbate thinking about me going out on a date. I love it all.

The day of my date is the best opportunity of all. In the morning before he leaves I often walk around wearing little or nothing. I want him to see me naked before he goes to work. I like to let him see me feeling sexy. I'll mention my date several times before he leaves, knowing that he'll be thinking about nothing but me all day at work.

When he gets home I've usually had my bath and done most of my hair and makeup, because of how much time it takes. But I do like weekends when he's home and I go out. On those days I will ask him to help me bathe. It's enjoyable to have him sit on the side of the tub and wash my body. It feels like a ritual where he's preparing me for another man, washing every inch of me that someone else will soon be touching. I like it when he washes me, and he really gets off on it. He likes to wash my hair and help me shave my legs too. He's even shaved my pussy, which is the ultimate tease for him! After my bath I usually ask him to towel me off (every inch again!).

Doing my hair and makeup isn't something he can help with of course, but I enjoy doing it while he watches me. There's something about the sensation of your husband watching you get ready for another man that can't be explained. You have to experience it to understand how it feels.

Sometimes I'll let him pick out what I wear, or at least a few of the items. I can't always wear what he wants or I would get arrested! But there are nights when I'm driving straight to a lovers house and I can wear an overcoat. I've been known to wear a sexy teddy or lingerie with thigh highs and heels, covered up by a coat for the drive.

No matter what I do wear, I like to make him watch me go through a lot of different clothes. I want him to know that I need to look perfect for my date. He loves that! He gets off knowing that I'm so into someone that I want to look perfect for them. It's a big part of the tease, and I like to include him in all of it.

I even tease him on the way out the door. I don't know when I'll be back... it could be a late night... he really seemed horny so I might be worn out by the time I get back... maybe we'll use a condom, maybe not. Sloppy seconds tonight? You'll have to wait and see......

You get the idea, right?

If I do it right he'll be dizzy thinking about me all night. I love that! I enjoy knowing that this man is at home thinking about me and fantasizing about me and wanting me back. It makes everything that much more exciting, and I know that when I do get back he'll want me every bit (maybe more) than he did on the first night of our honeymoon.

And ladies, THAT is one of the biggest benefits of this lifestyle!