Wives & lovers & timing

Men complain that we’re confusing.

Maybe they’re right. 

Sometimes I am perplexed myself by my own feelings and reactions. If I don’t always understand my own feelings I guess I can’t blame men for not understanding them either.

Someone sent me a web page about studies on women and the way our psyche changes week to week because of our monthly cycle. Some of the things in that study made sense of something that I hadn’t understood before.

The studies show that married women are supposed to be more attracted to other men before and during our ovulation. The more surprising thing was that we also can become LESS attracted to our own husbands during that same time.

I’ve felt that way before, but I didn’t know why. I do know I get horniest during that time. Most of us ladies do. I find myself thinking about other men more around that time. It makes sense, since our body wants us to fuck when we’re most fertile.

Okay. But I also noticed that I can be less tolerant of my husband then too. It’s not like I don’t love him. But I don’t feel the need to be as close to him then, and I'm less likely to put up with anything he does that I don’t like, and I can be less patient with him.

Those studies also show that we need two kinds of men in our lives, providers and sperm donors! Providers (husbands) give us love, security and a good nest to raise our children. Sperm donors are the men who can give us the strongest, healthiest babies. These aren’t always the same man. Your husband may be loving and supportive like mine, but your body wants you to get jumped by that hot, good-looking hunk who looks great in Levis! So we will be more attracted to that type of man when we’re ovulating. That attraction we feel for another man is our body's way of telling us that he's a good sperm donor.

I love my husband, but sometime I’d rather fuck my mechanic? It sounds crazy, but I guess it's true. The study says that when I’m the most fertile the stud that lives across the street looks the hottest, and at the same time my husband can't help but get on my nerves. Therefore it becomes more likely that I will fuck the stud and not fuck my husband. Strange. But I guess it makes sense.

Now I know why I feel like I do. It explains a lot. I can go with it. I will have to tell my husband that I need to date more at that part of the month. J

It’s not nice to fight mother nature, right?