You're not happy? Here, let me give you a hand.

My husband doesn't often have anything to say about the men I see. Part of our understanding is that I choose the men I sleep with and he really doesn't have much (if anything) to say about it.

There was one guy I saw about a year ago who my husband didn't like. He was a car dealer with a small dealership in our town. I knew him from college and I bought my last two cars from him, so I've known him a long time.

I always liked him, but we were both married and nothing ever came of it. The year before last he got divorced and now my marriage is much different. So it happened. We slept together. It was good, very good.

My husband wasn't thrilled with this guy though. I think he saw him as a slick car salesman who was always looking for the angle. Maybe he thought the guy had a thing for me. Maybe he did but I never cared about that. I just knew he was a good fuck and that's what I was looking for.

Whenever I told my husband about going to see this guy I would get a different vibe. I could tell that he wasn't into me fucking him.

I had some choices. I could stop seeing the guy (ummm nope). I could keep fucking him and not give a shit what my husband thought (not out of the question). Or I could get my husband to loosen up and go along (probably the better choice).

How? The same way I get him to do everything else. Sex: leading him by his dick down the path I wanted.

Whenever I set up a date with the car dealer I would jerk off my husband. I would jerk him off every day until then, and I would even jerk him off the day of my date. I didn't just jerk him off. I worked his cock like a pro while I told him how horny I was and how I couldn't wait to have a cock in me soon. I would let him finger my pussy while I jerked his dick, telling him that another man would be inside that pussy soon. I would tell him how I would be sucking another cock and taking it inside me and cumming and begging for more. I would tell him how badly I needed someone else's cum in that pussy he was fingering.

I'd make him tell me how much he loved the idea of me being fucked. I made him tell me how badly he needed for me to be fucked. I'd make him admit that he wanted that guy to fuck me just as much as I wanted it.

Finally I'd tell him to show me how much he needed me to be fucked. I'd tell him to cum in my hand and PROVE to me that he wanted me to go and get fucked by that guy!

He's more reliable than Old faithful.

Then I'd thank him for proving that he wanted me to go get fucked. He can't be upset now that it's partly his idea. After all, he proved that he wanted me to go fuck the guy. So he can't say anything.

Ah, the power of the penis in the right hands!