20 Reasons Why Sex Is Good for Hotwives

I picked this up somewhere else but I liked it so I added to it for my needs and my blog. Does it even need saying? I think it might. I sometimes get very tied up in all of the other bits of sex. Things I want to try. Things I *don’t* want to try. The emotions and mechanics. The whys and wherefores.

I love sex, don’t get me wrong. I always enjoy it. That's why I fuck and it's why I fuck around. But sometimes it’s nice to make lists. And here is a lovely happy list to lift me out of all the horrid stuff going on in the world today

So Sex is Good because.....

1. It feels nice. We all know it. Fucking feels fucking awesome and that it pretty much the only reason you need. It feels nice one with way with my husband, and it feels nice in a different way with other men. But there’s more...

2. It’s free! Whilst I may have just got a lovely bonus from work, the world is not in the best financial situation right now. And sex is free. A lot freer than going out for dinner or to the cinema or on holiday. I can have sex with a lover for nothing more than the cost of the gas to go meet him.

3. It’s good exercise. And it’s cheaper than the gym! It keeps you fit, tones lots of lovely muscles and the more you do it the better endurance you have, the weirder positions you can try, and the hotter your body looks. It gets your heart going and your blood pumping too, which can only be a good thing.

4. The possibilities are endless. There's sex with one person, two people or more people. There's sex with your husband or sex with any (or all) of the other millions of men out there. There’s missionary, doggie-style, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, wheelbarrow, 69ing, spooning, scissors, against a wall, on your stomach, tied up, in your car, in a tree, naked sex, dressed sex, oral sex, anal sex, natural sex, condom sex, everywhere, anyway, sex, sex, sex to infinity. There's no limit to what you can do using your imagination!

5. It can be meaningless. Just a harmless exchange of releases to brighten your day. A way of making a new friend or making sure a new friend becomes a FWB. A better-than-a-wank, less-hassle-than-a-relationship FWB. And sex can be great when you’re drunk and horny and so is the other person. Or...

6. It can be really meaningful. Something to seal with a kiss and express all of those emotions that you’ve got going on for your husband, or a way to express your friendship with a lover you have in your life.

7. It makes babies. And whilst I’m done with that part of my life, it’s the best and funnest way for making babies. But it doesn’t have to make babies, and that’s what makes it even better for me. It's like the fun of practicing for the game without the pressure of actually being in the game.

8. It can test you and push your boundaries. Really good sex, and kinky sex with someone who pushes you, can test your limits and make you question why you previously found some stuff unacceptable. It can make you a more accepting person and help you to learn more about yourself. It can help you discover pleasures you didn't know existed.

9. Did I mention that it feels amazing? Especially with other men after you've been married for many years.

10. It provides great conversation. In an academic setting or at the pub. With strangers or friends, does anyone NOT like to talk about sex? If you're meeting someone new for the first time, talking about the sex is a natural part of that first conversation. It can help break the ice and be a conversation point. I think this also feeds into...

11. It makes great blog posts! And I’m not just talking about mine, although there are some I’m proud of, but sex is one of the things I like to read about on others’ blogs as well as blog about on my own. Reading sex blogs is a turn on.

12. It can create art or porn. No one really knows where the line is but both are pretty good (as long as everyone’s consenting and all that jazz). It can turn you on and give you ideas and make you think and make you horny. All good, no?

13. It boosts your self-esteem. Having sex with someone can make you feel so much better about yourself. Being able to get naked in front of a stranger or a new lover and have them compliment you (with words or a hard cock) is an instant lift to anyone's psyche. Also applies to compliments on technique as well as physique. I always feel better after sex.

14. It can be the beginning, the end or just the middle of any relationship. A hello, goodbye or just a ‘how’re you doing?’ if you will. Except naked and with a lot of pleasure, especially toward the end.

15. It can take your mind off things. It’s a great distraction method, stress-reliever, procrastination technique and all round great time to be had doing anything but what you have to do in life everyday. Getting away with a lover gives me a break from my routine at home.

16. Anyone can do it. It’s universal, a natural part of human existence and in this world of privilege and poverty it seems brilliant that there’s one thing uniting us all. And that one thing is orgasms. We all have the need for orgasms in common!

17. It’s different every time. Variety is the spice of life. And whether you have sex with 100 different people or the same person 100 times, it's always different. If you have lovers outside your marriage I can guarantee that it’ll never be EXACTLY the same twice even with the same person. Those different experiences is what makes it exciting.

18. It fits into any schedule. Two horny people will always find a way to make time for sex. A quickie in the bathroom, a session in the shower, before bed, in the middle of the night, before work, after work. Sex fits in around you and *your* needs. It’s giving like that.

19. It’s a relationship lubricator. A lack of sex leads to friction. Sex lubricates everything and keeps the wheels humming. If you're a Hotwife you already know the importance of sex in your relationship. It's also a great way of solving arguments. Make-up sex solves anything!

20. Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better it becomes (hopefully!). There’s no real excuse for not doing it more often. If you don't like sex then you're not doing it right. You need more practice (see!).

So, as if you needed reminding, there’s everything about sex that I love. We spend so much of our lives having sex or talking about it (especially here sex-blogging) that it can seem more complicated than it is.

Sex is simple and fun and fabulous and natural and easy. Just do it already.