Taking a backseat

I got fucked in the backseat again and I loved it.

Fucking in the backseat can be cramped and awkward and even funny. But to me it's sexy as hell!

There is something about it that makes me so hot. I feel like I'm back in high school, exploring my newfound sexuality with someone else. It's novel and different and, for me, often the result of spontaneity. I love being spontaneous!

I love the whole experience of getting into a car with someone. I even love walking across the parking lot together, heading for the car. Just that can be thrilling and give me tingles all the way down to my toes.

It's all so hot. Getting in the car together, crawling into the backseat, closing and locking the doors, fumbling with your clothes and his clothes. Wiggling, squeezing, getting into position. Groping, sucking, fingering. Getting into position, penetration, humping, lunging, cumming.

The fucking is always intense, and usually brief. The windows fog up. The car rocks. Our moans may escape, giving rise to the chance that someone might hear us and investigate. Does the thought of getting caught make it more exciting? Maybe. What would we do if we looked up to see someone peering in? I don't know. But the thought that it could happen makes me bite my lip, forcing me to moan quieter which makes me cum harder.

It lasted twenty minutes. I peeled off my jeans and opened my blouse. He dropped his pants. I laid back on the seat and spread my legs. He braced his feet, drove it in and pounded me in near silence, grunting and breathing in my ear as he worked toward his end. I came several times before he lunged, grunted and poured himself into me.

When he was done, I was too. It was perfect. Perfectly hot, sweaty, and satisfying. We dressed, kissed and made plans to to see each other again before getting out. It will probably be at his house or mine. But if he wanted to do it in the car again I'd be up for that. I loved it. I want to keep doing that.