Doesn't everybody shave now?

I was talking to a friend today and she was going home to do a bikini wax. How strange that I hadn't thought of that in a long time. I've been shaving my pussy for eight years. I don't worry about bikini waxes. Stubble and ingrown follicles are my enemies.

I thought everyone shaved now. I don't think it's a novelty in this day and age. Most of us do it because it's more convenient and it feels better. Men have come to expect it too. I don't do it just for men, but I don't mind that they love it. I certainly don't mind that it makes for better sex and better sensation down there.

I think women who don't shave do themselves an injustice. It's part of my routine when I get ready for a date. Just like doing my hair and makeup, I couldn't imagine going out on a date unless I was clean-shaven between my legs. I feel sexier when I'm smooth down there. Knowing that I'm "fuck ready" makes me feel extra slutty. Maybe it helps put me in the mood. But I'm sure it feels just as good for me as it does for him when a guy cups my smooth mound in his hand, and his fingers can find my slit with ease.

Or perhaps I'm just a slut. Either way, I know what I like. That separates me from a lot of other women out there.