Does size matter? Doh! Give me a fucking break!

Does size matter?

I don’t need to think about this.

You better fucking believe it matters (to a point).

Okay, we’ve all heard the arguments. We know that (nice) women say size doesn’t matter. But the rest of us know it really DOES matter. I mean it doesn’t have to be a 15 inch baseball bat as thick as a bologna roll, but if it’s too small then it doesn’t get us off.

We need to feel that cock. Men don’t have to stretch us like childbirth, but it needs to hit those achy spots. I’m sure a lot of guys with small cocks make great lovers, but I need cocks that are at least average and hopefully larger.

My husband is average and he is a great lover, but I'll admit that I do like more. More means not just more men, but more cock. Bigger cocks. Thicker cocks. Bigger balls and bigger loads don’t hurt either (believe me they really don’t hurt at all!).

Is there such a thing as too big? I’m sure there is, but I haven’t found it and I don’t plan to stop looking any time soon. I don’t measure dicks in bed. I’ve seen the pictures of those big old 10” dongs and I’ve watched them swinging around in porn movies. So I’m sure I’ve never been with any guy with a 10” dick. Maybe something around 8” or 9” is about it for me (so far).

There have been two guys like that for me. I loved fucking them both. One was thicker than the other, but I didn’t have any trouble taking either of them after some good foreplay, a little patience and maybe a squirt of Astroglide. They did sometimes poke my cervix when they got animated but I found it pleasurable. I’ve heard other women say they found it uncomfortable, but it was all good for me.

I loved the different sensation and I loved feeling ‘filled’. There’s something about having every nerve inside you rubbed by a bigger cock. It makes the fucking more passionate. You don’t feel like you’re being fucked by a big dick, you feel like you’re wrapped around it. 
Like it’s your core and everything you are is part of it and he could walk around the room sporting you impaled on his a hard cock. 

You become one with a big dick. It's just different for us (for me anyway). I’ve had some of my greatest orgasms being pounded raw by a big cock. I won’t lie and say that size doesn’t matter. It does and (so far) the bigger the better for me. Maybe one day I'll find someone too big. But I doubt it. Until then the interviews are still open.

So batter up big boys. Try and choke me.