Check me out. Check us in.

This didn't happen recently (since I started writing my blog) but it's a fun memory I wanted to write about.

It happened not long after I started seeing other guys. I was at Mervyn's shopping just before they closed their store, looking for some closeout deals.

I noticed a nice looking guy across the aisle, browsing through the mens slacks. He was glancing my way a little too much. I knew he was checking me out. I did the old smile and nod thing and kept shopping, but I stayed near him while I flipped through different outfits. He kept glancing my way. I knew the game was on.

Eventually he got up the nerve and approached me. We talked about the store closing and made some other small talk, then introduced ourselves. After a few minutes I asked him if he would like to have a drink sometime. He said yes, so we exchanged numbers and that was it.

He called me two days later and we met for a drink at Bennigans after work on Wednesday afternoon. After a few drinks he asked about my wedding bands and I told him not to worry about my being married. I told him my husband and I had an open marriage, because I didn't think he would understand if I told him that I was the only one who was 'open', and I really wasn't prepared to get into a cuckold/Hotwife explanation. He seemed okay with it, and after another drink he asked if I would like to get a room at the hotel next door.

I hadn't expected that. Perhaps I was thinking we would go back to his place, but I didn't object to getting a room. That was different.

We left our cars in the parking lot and walked across to the hotel together. It felt odd standing beside someone else, checking into a hotel. But it was sexy too. He paid for the room, we checked in, got our keycard and went straight upstairs. It wasn't even six o'clock yet.

We went in and got comfortable, peeled the covers back and sat together on the bed. We kissed and explored each other as he felt me up. Then we each took off our clothes. He got a condom out of his wallet and put it by the bed, and we got in and pulled the covers up. It didn't take long for things to heat up under the covers.

It was good sex. I felt naughty the whole time. I mean, here I was a married woman fucking someone else in a hotel room! It was sexy and naughty and hot and I loved it. If there was anyone in the room next door I'm sure they heard us fucking.

He was good. It was good. I came easily, more than once. He only came the once but he seemed happy nonetheless.

Afterward we got dressed and talked for a few more minutes, then we left the room. The only sign we were there at all was the messed up bed, which I thought strangely appropriate.

Then we went downstairs and checked out. I could have walked straight to my car but something made me go back to the front desk with this guy. The clerk never said anything, but I knew exactly what he was thinking <<SLUT
!>>>. He was right too! We only had the room for an hour. There was no other explanation and everyone knew it. The thing was that I felt slutty too, but in a strangely good way. As I turned to leave I looked straight at the desk clerk and gave him a big, wide smile. 

That wasn't the only time I slept with that guy, but it was the only time we used a hotel. Later he said he did that because he didn't know how things would go between us and he didn't want to take me to his place until he knew me better. I could understand that.

But I wouldn't mind doing the hotel thing again. It's fun to be naughty then let someone else make the bed afterward.

Hotels are cool!