Listening - Teasing him from behind closed doors

I've blogged before that my husband likes to watch me with another man. From our first threesomes we went to him watching. From watching it went to him listening. From listening it went to me going out alone. Dating.

But I think listening is his favorite.

Listening is always done here, at home (so far). He's never listened to me with another guy at their place yet, but that may happen still.

Being at home means several things. It excites my husband when I invite a lover into our home.

It's our marital bed. Being a slut for another man in our marital bed is cuckold play at it's most brutal. (Except maybe his fantasy of my getting pregnant, but that's another blog!).

When I take a lover into my room and leave my husband outside it's a mind fuck. It sends a message - I want to be with him not you. In my husband's mind I've become the slut he fantasizes about. He sees that I need another cock. He knows I'm going into our bed to fuck him. Husband keep out! Sometimes I will loudly lock the door to emphasize that message.

Listening is the real mind fuck. He can only hear. His mind must do the rest, filling in the blanks, creating the images of that which he knows is happening in the next room but which he cannot see.

I love knowing my husband is listening. I love fucking with his mind. I love talking quietly, just loud enough that he hears the talk but not the words. I love to moan and cum and cry out loudly. I love to lay silently at times making him wonder what I may be doing. I may be sucking on a cock or enjoying a tongue between my legs. He doesn't know. That's the beauty of it all. He can only guess and imagine.

He has no idea how long we will be. It could be one hour or two or three or more. He doesn't know if I will come out after we fuck to check on him, then go back again. He doesn't know if I will offer him relief, or if I will just tease him with my wet pussy then return to my lover. He knows nothing for sure while I have a lover in our bed.

The only thing he can be certain of is that he will be with me again after my lover is gone. He lives for that moment. He waits all night for the unlocking of that bedroom door for the last time. Walking my lover to the door. The goodnight kiss. The goodbyes.

Then the reconnection of husband and wife. His entire night this far is centered on that one magical moment when he can touch me. Hold me. Kiss me.

We'll slip back into the still-warm bed. The wet spots will be there. We'll touch. He will taste. I will tease. The details he craves will emerge. He will reclaim his wife and there will be orgasms. More for me. His first, then perhaps second, or third, in days. We will fall asleep together, close, touching. In love.

I like the listening too.