Gulp-Gulp. Ahhhhh.

Of course I swallow. Wouldn't you expect me to? After all, I fuck around.

The men I see expect me to swallow, also probably because I'm married and fucking around. So they see me as slutty, and sluts swallow.

I'm fine with that because I don't mind swallowing most of the time. But every now and then I don't have the desire to swallow.

It's strange how I can feel differently at times, even with the same guy.

I always (!!) swallow when I'm with my husband. If you don't swallow with your husband, then you're both missing out. It makes men feel special and I enjoy making my husband feel special. If you're married and you don't swallow then you also take the chance that your husband might meet someone else who does swallow, and trust me guys LOVE a woman who swallows.

With other guys it's not always a 100% sure thing that I'll gulp his load down. I'm funny. The first time I blow a guy I will almost always definitely swallow. I don't know why. Maybe I want to make sure to show him a good time. Or maybe I like to show off. But the next time I blow them I may or may not swallow. Is that strange or what?

The more I like a guy, or the longer I have been seeing him, the more likely I will swallow him all the time.

The better his cum tastes the more likely I will swallow every time. (Fruits & juices guys!)

If I blow a guy somewhere like a car where it can be tough to clean up, I will almost always swallow.

The more he reacts and appreciates the gesture, the more often I will swallow for him.

Cock size doesn't seem to matter much to me when it comes to swallowing, but if a guy has a really big cock then it can be tougher to work my throat muscles and swallow. Sometimes I have to let it collect in my mouth and swallow it all at once after I take my mouth off. But it's worth the effort to keep him happy and make sure he comes back for more! Right ladies? ;-)

Another thing about me is that if a guy is lying on his back I'm more likely to swallow. Maybe I don't want him to have to clean up his own cum. (Is that strange ?). But if he is above me, on my knees for instance, then I'll sometimes let his cum run out of my mouth and drip on my boobs. I don't mind that. It can feel good to have hot cum drip down on me.

Oh, and I never spit. That's disgusting. I'm sure it makes the guy feel like shit, too. For me it's either gulp-gulp, or let it run out of my mouth as he shoots off. But I will never take a mouthful of cum and then spit it anywhere. Yuck!