He needs to know you sin

If you haven’t figured it out yet, cuckold husbands are different. His sexual response is triggered by your being with other men. You're married. Married women are monogamous.

You enjoy infidelity. You're a sinner.

He loves that you're a sinner. It drives him wild. The more he is exposed to the idea of your infidelity, the more inflamed his passions become. The good thing is that you have all of the control in this situation. You control every aspect of your infidelity.

You can keep your husband focused just on you by exercising the right amount of teasing and sex... sex with him and sex with others. You’re in control. You hold the switch to his emotions in your hand. If you’re smart you will wield it to get what you want, while giving him what he wants at the same time.

Remember this:

Men think about sex ALL THE TIME.
Cuckold husbands think about you having sex with other men ALL THE TIME.

Commit that to memory and you're halfway to a blissful, sex-filled lifestyle that you and your husband will both enjoy.

Here’s the real beauty of the secret: You don’t have to be with other men constantly to keep him pleased. He WANTS you to see other men constantly. He even thinks that he NEEDS you to see other men constantly. But what he really needs is to have a wife who WILL have sex with other men. He wants to know that you think about infidelity. He wants to know that his darling wife is really a lustful sinner at heart.

He can be just as happy and satisfied if you remind him of past experiences with other men and relive the details, and tease him about someone you want to be with. He doesn’t need you to be with others as much as he needs to know that you were with others, will be with others and WANT to be with others.

Use that knowledge to tease him and keep him happy between seeing different guys, or between dates. Let your husband know that you often think of sex with others. Taunt him with your thoughts and tease him with your plans.

Doing so will keep him excited and focused on you and you alone. You can turn the heat up or down, as you choose. When you’re ready to go out, you can turn up the heat and have him practically begging you to go out and get laid.

The switch is right there in your hand. Are you using it?

Are you being the sinner he needs you to be?