Don't you just LOVE the internet?

I LOVE the internet. Make no mistake, I hate all the jerks and the assholes and the time wasting fakes on the internet. But even then I still love the internet.

It makes it so fucking easy to find people. Not just any people, but certain people. People like me. Or more to the point people looking for people like me.

My husband and I have been using the web for years. It's one of the best tools we have for finding people. You have to know how to use it and where to look and how to be smart with it. But there is nothing better than the internet to find certain people looking for certain things. We use AFF and some of the other personal ad sites. Sometimes you waste a lot of time searching but when you find the right guy it can make it all worthwhile. I don't meet all of my men online, but some of the best ones we have found online.

The internet also lets us play so many ways. You can always start with porn! Any kind you want, all you want, free and available at the click of a mouse button. Find your flavor and browse away until you're too horny to think. Pictures, stories, vids. Website after website of flesh and desire and lust and sex. A virtual candy store of perversion.

Email, PM's, texting, webcam -- they can all be fun ways to play. Why not? Sometimes you can't get out. But you can webcam. Or you can send PM's and plan your next date. You can fly some hot emails back and forth and send pics if that's your thing. We once did the webcam thing with another couple and had sex while they did. I thought it would be weird, but it was fun.

I am more of a computer geek than my husband so I'm the one who's usually online. More than once he's found me masturbating in front of our computer late at night, either looking at porn or webtexting with someone I'm fucking, or want to fuck. It doesn't bother him when he finds me like that. Sometimes I get him to go down on me while I'm online. Sometimes I'll return the favor for him.

So thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet. Thanks to you I get laid more often!