Home sweet home

I don't always go to my lovers place for sex. Sometimes they come here.

That's a different experience than when I see them at their place.

Being home in your own bed is more comfortable. But for Hotwife and cuckold couples it has a deeper meaning.

Being fucked by another man in his bed is erotic. Being fucked by another man in my bed (our marital bed) elevates the 'cheating' illusion, for both me and my husband.

Sometimes I even think some of my lovers may get an extra thrill from it too, by doing me in my husbands bed. Maybe there is another element of conquest in it for men, fucking a cheating wife in her marital bed. I like the idea, so I like to think that maybe they do to.

But my husband really gets off on it. Any time I bring someone here and fuck them he goes crazy.

He's watched me have sex in our bed, and he has waited in the living room more than once when I took someone to our bedroom. Sometimes I'll lock the door, creating the fantasy that I want privacy with my lover, 'away from my husband'. When I do that I know he listens through the door. But that's what I want. I want him to hear me enjoying myself because I know it's making him crazy for me.

I've never slept the night with anyone in our bed. It's not that I wouldn't. My husband and I have talked about it, and I think (?) he's okay with the idea. But we haven't done it. Maybe we aren't ready for that (?). We've discussed it but neither of us has ever suggested moving it to reality so I'm not sure when (or if) we will take that step.

For now I think we're both happy with him watching or listening on those nights when I have someone here, then sending them home. That way I get to have fun the rest of the night telling my husband everything I did with someone else to make the wet spot in HIS bed. :-)