You have TOOLS ladies. Use them!

What word best describes the woman in this picture?


She's ALL of the above. She's comfortable with her body. She's not afraid to lay it out there. She's not inhibited or shy.

She's what you should work to be as a Hotwife. She shows the attitude that you should have with others and with your husband.

Here is a secret: If your husband is a cuckold, HE SEES YOU LIKE THE WOMAN IN THAT PICTURE! She's hot, isn't she? That's exactly the way your husband sees you.

He sees you as being a confident, sexy woman. Someone who is comfortable with herself and her body. He sees you as a slutty, sexual creature who men lust after. He sees you being in control and in charge of your sexuality.

I'm over 40. I know what you're thinking. You have wrinkles. Things sag. This or that doesn't look like it once did. Guess what? Your husband doesn't see you the way YOU do. He sees you as the woman in the picture! I didn't realize this. It took my husband to make me understand how they think! This is a secret ladies... if you're smart you'll LEARN IT and USE IT.

His lust for you also grows the more you date other men. The more you're with other men, the MORE you look like that woman in the picture to your husband! If you want him to see you as a flawless goddess all you need to do is fuck other guys.

Huh? What's that?

LISTEN! I'm telling you something I discovered to be INVALUABLE! If you have a cuck husband you will NEVER age. You will NEVER get wrinkles. NOTHING will ever sag. YOU will stay a goddess forever in his eyes, as long as you maintain the Hotwife persona.

Part of that persona is being with other men, but the other ingredients are your BODY and your ATTITUDE. Your body is a great tool. Use it to tease him and control him. Use it to mold him. Use it to keep him focused on you (and ONLY you).

Get rid of your inhibitions about your physique. Forget your flaws because HE DOESN'T SEE THEM. You are nothing but the perfect, sexy woman of his dreams. Learn to be naked around him. Walk around naked. Lounge around naked. Talk to him naked. GET COMFORTABLE being naked. He will notice the change in you, and it will FURTHER excite him and reinforce his opinion that you are the sexiest woman in the world.

Next, be comfortable showing him your pussy. What?!? Yes! This is important. Men are visual creatures. Cuckolds have strong fixations on your genitals, ladies. Accept it. Then be smart and work with it. This is key. Your pussy is the essence of his existence and the center of his universe! Start letting him know that you know this!

No, you don't have to lay spread eagle all day! But learn to give him glimpses and tease him with your sex when your watching TV, lounging around or talking. Let him know that you're comfortable exposing that part of your body, and that you ENJOY showing it. Let him know you realize it teases him. Get comfortable with this and you'll begin to take control over your sex life together because you're now showing that you know what's important to him and you control it (and that controls him!).

If you can do this your husband will see you as the SEXIEST woman alive. He'll agree to let you do anything you want with anyone you want, and he'll agree to it gladly, as long as you tease and flaunt that pussy.

Guys like to think they have "the" tool. But if you use yours wisely you'll find that it's a much more powerful tool than theirs.

Don't believe me? Do what I said for one week. Go ahead. Try it. I dare you!

(You can thank me later)