Infidelity Monogamy?

(I posted this on another blog too recently)

A guy I just met on Ashley Madison expressed his displeasure with the fact that I did not instantly reply to his last email. Part of his message implied that I was probably too busy with all the other men I am corresponding with.

Well, actually, yes I was!

Do you think a couple of emails makes you my number one guy, princess?

Just to be clear: I correspond with enough men that I sometimes mix up details of your lives, party because my memory isn't what it used to be, and partly because if I'm not fucking you yet then I may not really care.

Are you the guy from the next town, or the chef or the guy who works in IT? Whatever!

Oh, and while we're on the subject, remember how you "favorited"
me on AM? O.k., now remember how I "favorited" you back? Well, THAT means that when I check at my list I know how often you're online....and it's a lot! So, let's put away the Ashley Madison monogamy bullshit, shall we?

A friend was telling me that she once got a snarky
message from a gentleman who was upset she hadn't responded to his previous message. She replied that she had met someone and had therefore been busy - and he had the audacity to get upset with her. When she called him on it he said that he "was worried about her safety." Uh huh. Sure!

If that isn't patriarchy talking, I don't know what is. Bullshit arguments about safety, concern and propriety are really cloaked arguments about control and ownership. Guys like that need to be sent packing and then blocked on your email account. They only get worse with time.

Here's a revelation for you guys: Women like us fuck other men because we like our freedom! I am not interested in being owned. (Correction, I am not interested in being owned in a relationship way - if you are interested in, say, an hour or two, drop me a line; could be fun!)

However, if you're looking for a monogamous relationship you may want to have a conversation with your wife or girlfriend if you have one, or you may want to get a wife or a girlfriend if you don't. But you won't find a cheating/monogamous relationship here.

Oh it might work out that way. I may not be seeing anyone else at the time I'm seeing you, and you may be the only one I see outside my marriage. That happens - a lot. But I won't commit to it, or promise anything like that.

I like my freedom and options.

You get me on my terms. Take it or leave.