Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

My husband loves sexual surprises more than anything. So for our anniversary I decided not to buy him the usual shirt and tie. Instead I decided to try something new! Something... shall be say... more edgy?

I hadn't played in a while (maybe three weeks?). I knew he was ready for me to play. I was too.

Our anniversary was last Thursday. He gets home every day around 5:40 so the timing was easy. There is one guy who I knew would be perfect for what I had in mind. He was... shall I say... a guy who makes big deposits at the love bank!

He got to the house at 5:00 sharp. I was ready, because I knew we didn't have a lot of time for our usual fun 'n' games. We went straight to the bedroom, he dropped his pants, and I laid back on the mattress.

I had already told him not to worry about me, but to go for it and get off inside me as fast as he could. He listened. I kept one eye on the clock because I wanted to make sure he was gone by 5:30. At 5:09 he was inside me. At 5:17 he was done, I was full of cum and it was running down my crack. The fuck was great but I was so nervous about watching the clock that I couldn't get off (dammit!).

He pulled out, stood up and got dressed. I quickly pulled on a pair of panties I had put on the bedside table, trying in vain to stop everything from leaking all over the covers and the bedroom floor. I was sopping wet between my legs. Cum was everywhere as I pulled up my jeans.

I showed him out and he backed out of the driveway before 5:30. I went inside, and my husband pulled in at 5:40 on the bell. Perfect timing (I'm so good!).

He came in the door, I threw my arms around him, gave him a big kiss and told him happy anniversary. Then I said I had something special for him. I took his hand, pulled him into the bedroom and jumped on the bed. He thought I was bringing him to the bedroom for an anniversary fuck.

I undid my jeans and peeled them off, then slowly spread my legs for him as I flopped back on my pillow. His eyes fell between my legs. He froze. I could feel the cool, wetness from the soaked panties.

He realized everything in an instant, and the look on his face was priceless! I knew this was his best anniversary gift EVER! (Patting myself on the back).

He crawled onto the bed, hooked his thumbs under my panties and eased them down my legs, slipping them off. There was cum everywhere. It soaked my panties all the way through. My crotch was completely covered. The inside of my thighs were coated. There wasn't a single dry spot from my clit to my knees. It was one big slippery sloppy mess. And he loved it!

Then I started telling him how I got that way. I let him know that my friend had just left. Minutes before he got home from work I was being a total slut, spreading my legs for another man... and I begged him to shoot all his cum in me. That did it! I'm pretty sure my husband almost had an involuntary orgasm as he dove in and buried his face in my slippery pussy.

I may not have cum when I was getting fucked, but I came so hard then that I almost passed out. It was incredibly erotic to feel my husband sucking my slimy clit and tonguing my dripping pussy, knowing how turned on he was for me.

We spent the whole night reliving my fuck over and again. He came. I came. We came together.

Happy Anniversary baby! I love you!