Will the REAL owner of the 1974 10.5" penis please call me

What can I say? I love a big dick.
Sometimes I obsess about them.

I've posted about it before. When I was young, single and stupid I bought into the myth that size doesn't matter. I say it's a myth because nobody I know believes it, except for the men who need us to believe it.

To be sure, size is definitely in the eye (or hand or mouth or body cavity) of the beholder. Like I said before, I have had some guys that I think were probably 8 inches and maybe one guy who might have been 9 inches. I don't know for sure because I don't pull out a ruler when I'm wrapped around a nice hard cock.

My husband is about average, perhaps a little over, and he pleases me like no other. But I am a sucker (literally) for a big dick and size does matter to me when I look for other men.

The other day I thought I had found nirvana and rapture in the same place (or rather the same guy). It was a new profile on AFF. The profile described a guy who was single, 36, and looking for MILFS. The profile showed that he lived an hour away. But the thing that caught my eye was the three pictures of one of the most enormous, tantalizing, beautiful cocks I had ever seen online.

It was described as being 10.5 inches and 6 inches around. Looking at the pictures, the description seemed very fitting. That cock was incredibly tantalizing. It was just the right size to be in every dream I've ever had of a big cock. It was perfectly shaped with a large, mushroom head and the perfect amount of veins and heavy, swollen balls hanging below that were sure to give me many loads of hot cum!

I couldn't write him quickly enough, and I made sure to include some pics of me in my first note. His response was immediate. He was interested, and he sent back two pictures of himself fully dressed. He was top shelf! OMG! I was beside myself at the thought of meeting this guy. My husband said I was walking on air as I began to email him. We began to trade emails and I thought we were moving toward our first date.

Then things went awry. He wanted nothing but detailed emails from me of everything I would like to do with him and his cock. He offered nothing in return, other than encouragement for more detailed emails. I quickly, but sadly, realized I had been had by yet another online flake. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!

I was so disappointed. I wanted that cock like none before. I guess some might think me petty for wanting something so trivial as a set of male genitals. But ladies, let me tell you, that was one cock to die for! Even still I can look at those pictures and masturbate.

So if the REAL owner of the 1974 model 10.5x6 gorgeous penis would please contact me, I'll be happy to provide you with a place to park that Godly gift free of charge as often as you wish. I'll even throw in free spit and polish shines and would probably consider offering all three available garages.

Call me. Seriously, dammit. Call me!!!!