I've blogged before about all the benefits I've found being a so called Hotwife. (I still debate that label)

There are so many benefits but one I enjoy the most is the way it incites my husband. When I am seeing someone else he cannot get enough of me. He adores me and dotes on me and talks to me and holds me.

When I think back to my first marriage I appreciate my husband even more. He's a better person, husband and lover than my ex.

But the differences becomes even more stark when I'm seeing someone else. When I date another guy my husband cannot get enough of me. His love and adoration and attraction for me is over the top.

I have a confession to make - I enjoy that!

Maybe it's selfish, but I like being able to turn on that flow of emotions and then bask in the warmth of his giving. It makes me feel special and alive and sexy and needed. Who doesn't want to feel that?

He tells me I'm special all the time, even when I'm not seeing other men. I know his love for me is real and deep. But I like knowing that I can give it a boost any time I want. All I have to do is call a friend and go out, or have someone come over here for the evening and retire to the bedroom and get laid.

It's easy to do, it feels good and the affects afterward last for days, sometimes weeks. He goes even more crazy for me. He treats me even more like a queen and when we go to bed he consumes me emotionally and physically. I enjoy that. Sometimes I need it. And he positively loves it.

So, why not stir up his hunger for me? He needs to eat and I like to be eaten. It works for me.